Death On The High Street. (animation)

Hello, after a five-month break from blogging I’m back!

This year I started on the 3rd year of the graphic communication honours degree course. To kickstart the year we were given a simple brief in which we could interpret anyway we liked.

Here’s the brief.

Produced 2 pieces of graphic communication:

One big and one small in response to the words ‘Then and Now’.

After a week of brainstorming and primary research I decided to work with an idea of renovating a  derelict property back to its former glory. Whilst sat in a traffic jam on the lower Bristol Road I discovered a beautiful old Georgian butcher shop which had fallen into disrepair, this was the starting point for my project.  In the past 30 years high streets are becoming more run down and small independent shops have closed in response to out of town supermarkets and Internet shopping. With this in mind I based the communication around a theme to encourage people to shop local. I returned to the scene with my tripod and took photographs and video footage. The best way for me to show the changing of time was through animation.

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New website

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I have been busy designing and building a website for Play therapist Emma Latchem. She already had an ID so it was a case of using the brand guidelines to create a site which represents her professionalism  as a therapist. … Continue reading


Another commision for lifestyle child photography

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Anais, a few of my favourites from yesterdays shoot.


Another baby photoshoot

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More babies, this is becoming a habit. I much prefer dogs but at this early stage of my career I don’t think i’m yet to be in the position to be overparticular in my subject matter. If you have money … Continue reading


No Internet

I have no connection!
For 3 weeks now orange broadband have messed around trying to fob me off with new routers, wires.I have made tens of phone calls to India lasting up to 6 hours at a time, finally they agreed to send a BT team out but I’m now on my 4th BT man and still I have no Internet! There’s 5.2 coming into the house but although the computers say they have signal only intermittent connection is occurring very slowly when it does and then only select pages. Also I’ve paid for a private network expert to come and check everything at my end and all is well. This is a disaster I can’t do any work without it, anyone have any ideas on this? Help

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Mary Berry Photo Shoot

Age UK previously Age Concern, launched their new branding today at the Francis Hotel Bath. I was asked to come along to photograph the event. This is the first editorial event that I have covered so it was a learning curve. All went well but I think I need to be a bit more assertive with the human beings. I found myself holding back as I didn’t want to come across as a stalker.

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Work placement video, hello communications

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