Web Design

Following the print assignment I undertook the development of a website for the same furniture company. This was HTML & CSS based, adobe dreamweaver was used for the site build.

Grain Website

Part of a project for the Professional studies module I branded and created a website for a structural alterations company based in Bath.

nocout on laptop

nocout website

During the summer break I rebranded and built a website for SC Bricklaying, the photography was taken for the project, I also added a jQuery light box & some roll overs!

S C bricklaying website

The Creative Contexts website hosts short videos exploring work placements in a range of media industries. Emphasizing student experiences, stories, and questions, the videos vary in style and approach.
The new website is currently being built and will be running for the beginning of January 2012.

Creative context website

Emma Lathem Play Therapy website (wordpress)